Sir Arthur George Tansley, 1871–1955

8. Publications – Psychology

(in chronological order)

81. Tansley AG. 1920. The new psychology and its relation to life. London, UK: Allen and Unwin.

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83. Tansley AG. 1924. Critical notice: Versuch einer Genitaltheorie: von Dr. S. Ferenczi. Journal of Medical Psychology 4:156–161.

84. Tansley AG. 1927. Review of C. J. Patten: the memory factor in biology. International Journal of Psychoanalysis 8: 292.

85. Tansley AG. 1927. Abstract of F.Teller: Libidotheorie und Artumwandlung. International Journal of Psychoanalysis 8: 531.

86. Tansley AG. 1939-41. Sigmund Freud, 1856–1939. Obituary Notices of Fellows of the Royal Society 3: 246–275.

87. Tansley AG. 1952. Mind and life: an essay in simplification. London, UK: Allen and Unwin.

88. Tansley AG. 1952. The psychological connexion of two basic principles of the SFS. Society for Freedom in Science, Occasional Pamphlet no.12.

89. Tansley AG. Unpublished. On criticisms of Freudian theory. [Mss. in the Tansley Archives of the Department of Plant Science, University of Cambridge: filed with other papers relating to the Magdalen Philosophy Club, so probably the text of a talk delivered in the 1930s. See Anker (2002)].

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