Sir Arthur George Tansley, 1871–1955

7. Publications – Botany

(chronological order)

1. Tansley AG. 1883. On the Cleveland District. Westbury House School Ephemeris 19: 69–70.

2. Tansley AG. 1896. The Stelar theory – a history and a criticism. Science Progress 5: 133–150.

3. Tansley AG. 1896. The Stelar theory – a history and a criticism. II. The metamorphosis of the stele. Science Progress 5: 215–226.

4. Tansley AG, Chick E. 1901. Notes on the conducting tissue-system in Bryophyta. Annals of Botany 15: 1–38.

5. Blackman FF, Tansley AG. 1902. A revision of the classification of the Green Algae. New Phytologist 1: 17–24.

6. Tansley AG. 1902. Ecological notes. New Phytologist 1: 84–85.

7. Tansley AG, Lulham RB. 1902. On a new type of fern-stele, and its probable phylogenetic relations. Annals of Botany 16: 157–164.

8. Chick E, Tansley AG. 1903. On the structure of Schizaea malacanna. Annals of Botany 17: 493–510.

9. Tansley AG, Lulham RB. 1904. The vascular system of the rhizome and leaf-trace of Pteris aquilina L., and Pteris incisa, Thunb., var. integrifolia Beddome. New Phytologist 3: 1-17.

10. Tansley AG, Thomas EM. 1904. Root structure in the central cylinder of the hypocotyl. New Phytologist 3: 104–106.

11. Tansley AG. 1904. The problems of ecology: research in British ecology. New Phytologist 3: 191–200.

12. Oliver FG, Tansley AG. 1904. Methods of surveying vegetation on a large scale. New Phytologist 3: 228–237.

13. Tansley AG, Fritsch FE. 1905. Sketches of vegetation at home and abroad: the flora of the Ceylon littoral. New Phytologist 4: 1–17, 27–55.

14. Tansley AG. 1905. Ecological expedition to the Bouche d’Erquy 1905. New Phytologist 4: 192–194.

15. Blackman FF, Tansley AG. 1905. Ecology in its physiological and phytotopographical aspects (Clements’ ‘Research methods in ecology’). New Phytologist 4: 199–203, 232–253.

16. Tansley AG, Lulham RBJ. 1905. A study of the vascular system of Matonia pectinata. Annals of Botany 19: 475–476.

17. Tansley AG. 1906. Some general aspects of the algae. A review of Morphologie und Biologie der Algen by Friedrich Oltmans. New Phytologist 5: 34–46.

18. Tansley AG. 1907-8. Lectures on the evolution of the filicinean vascular system. New Phytologist 6: 25–35, 53–68, 109–120, 135–147, 148–155, 187–203, 219–238, 253–269; 7: 1–16, 29–40. [A course of Advanced Lectures in Botany given for the University of London at University College in the Lent Term, 1907]

19. Moss CE, Rankin WM, Tansley AG. 1910. The woodlands of England. New Phytologist 9: 125, 130–131, 147.

20. Tansley AG. 1911. The International Phytogeographical Excursion in the British Isles. New Phytologist 10: 271–291.

21. Blackman FF, Tansley AG. 1911. Review of a textbook of botany for colleges and universities. Vol.1. Morphology and physiology by Coulter JM, Barnes CR, Cowles H. New Phytologist 10: 349–359.

22. Tansley AG. 1911. Medullary rays and the evolution of the herbaceous habit. A review of books by Eames AJ, Bailey IW, Thompson WP and Groom P. New Phytologist 10: 362–366.

23. Tansley AG. 1911. Types of British vegetation. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press.
[edited for, and published by, the Central Committee for the Survey and Study of British Vegetation: copies given to all those attending the International Phytogeographic Excursion, 1911].

24. Tansley AG. 1912. The forest of Provence. Gardeners Chronicle 51: 89–90, 112–113, 131.

25. Tansley AG. 1913. A universal classification of plant communities. Journal of Ecology 1: 27–42.

26. Tansley AG. 1913. Primary survey of the Peak District of Derbyshire. Journal of Ecology 1: 275–285.

27. Tansley AG. 1913–1914. The International Phytogeographic Excursion in America in 1913. New Phytologist 12: 322–336; 13: 325–333.

28. Tansley AG. 1913. In: Hampstead Heath: its geology and natural history. London, UK: T. Fisher Unwin, 87–92. [Cited by Tansley, p. 324, in The British Islands and their vegetation, 1939]

29. Tansley AG. 1914. Presidential address. Journal of Ecology 2: 194–203.

30. Thompson HS. 1914. Flowering plants of the Riviera: a descriptive account of 1800 of the more interesting species; with an introduction on Riviera vegetation by A. G. Tansley. London, UK: Longmans.

31.Tansley AG. 1916. The development of vegetation. Journal of Ecology 4: 198–204.

32. Blackman FF, Blackman VH, Keeble F, Oliver FW, Tansley AG. 1917. The reconstruction of elementary botanical teaching. New Phytologist 16: 241–252.

33. Tansley AG. 1917. On competition between Galium saxatile L. (G. hercynicum Weig.) and Galium sylvestre Poll (G. asperum Schreb.) on different types of soil. Journal of Ecology 5: 173–179.

34. Tansley AG.1920. The classification of vegetation and the concept of development. Journal of Ecology 8: 118–149.

35. Salisbury EJ, Tansley AG. 1921. The Durmast oak-woods (Querceta sessili-florae) of the Silurian and Malvernian strata near Malvern. Journal of Ecology 9: 19–38.

36. Tansley AG. 1922. Elements of plant biology. London, UK: Allen and Unwin. [revised by W. O. James, 1949]

37. Tansley AG. 1922. Studies of the vegetation of the English chalk: II. Early stages of redevelopment of woody vegetation on chalk grassland. Journal of Ecology 10: 168–177.

38. Tansley AG. 1922. The new Zurich-Montpellier school. Journal of Ecology 10: 241–248.

39. Tansley AG. 1923. Practical plant ecology: a guide for beginners in field study of plant communities. London, UK: Allen and Unwin. [Revised and enlarged as Introduction to Plant Ecology 1946; extended by A. J. Willis, 1973]

40. Tansley AG. 1924. The unification of pure botany. Nature 113: 85–88.

41. Flahault C, Juel O, Schröter C, Tansley AG. 1924. Eug. Warming: in memorium. Botanisk Tidsskrift 39: 45–56.

42. Tansley AG. 1924. Some aspects of the present position of botany. In: Report of the 91st meeting of the British Association, Liverpool, 1923. London, UK: John Murray, 240–260. [The text of Tansley’s address as President of Section K]

43. Tansley AG. 1925. Experiment in genetics (review of C. C. Hurst’s book with the same title). The Nation and the Athenaeum (3 Oct), 19–20.

44. Tansley AG. 1925. Summary of vegetational work and problems in the Dominions. In: Brooks FT, ed. Imperial Botanical Conference 1924. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, 259–269.

45. Tansley AG. 1925. The vegetation of the southern English chalk (Obere Kreide-Formation). Festschrift Carl Schröter. Verüffentlichungen des Geobotanischen Institutes Rübel in Zürich 3: 406–430.

46. Tansley AG, Adamson RS. 1925. Studies of the vegetation of the English chalk: III the chalk grasslands of the Hampshire–Sussex border. Journal of Ecology 13: 177–223.

47. Tansley AG, Adamson RS. 1926. Studies of the vegetation of the English chalk: IV a preliminary survey of the chalk grasslands of the Sussex Downs. Journal of Ecology 14: 1–32.

48. Tansley AG, Chipp TF. 1926. Aims and methods in the study of vegetation. London, UK: Whitefriars Press. [Edited for and published by the British Empire Vegetation Committee and Crown Agents for the Colonies. Tansley and Chipp wrote most of Part I, Nature and Aims of the Study of Vegetation; Plant Communities; Factors of the Habitat; Training; Methods of Investigation; and Collecting].

49. Tansley AG. 1927. The future development and functions of the Oxford Department of Botany. Oxford, UK: Clarendon Press.

50. Tansley AG. 1928. Reviews. Journal of Ecology 16: 163–71. [Books reviewed: Elton, C. Animal ecology, London, Sidgwick and Jackson; Rayner MC. Mycorrhiza, an account on non-pathogenic infection by Fungi in Vascular Plants and Bryophytes. New Phytologist reprint no.15; Audus JW. One of nature’s wonderlands, the Victorian Grampians. Melbourne, Australia: Ramsay.]

51. Tansley AG. 1929. Succession: the concept and its values. Proceedings of the International Congress of Plant Sciences, Ithaca. 1: 677. Manasha, Wis.: Banta.

52. Godwin H, Tansley AG. 1929. The vegetation of Wicken Fen. In: Gardiner S, ed. The natural history of Wicken Fen, part V. Cambridge, UK: Bowes & Bowes.

53. Tansley AG. 1931. Obituary notice: Charles Edward Moss. Journal of Ecology 19: 209–214.

54. Tansley AG, Watt AS. 1932. British beechwoods. Die Buchenwälder Europas, Verüffentlichungen des Geobotanischen Institutes Rübel in Zürich 3: 294–361.

55. Tansley AG. 1935. The use and abuse of vegetational concepts and terms. Ecology 16: 284–307. [Reprinted as part of Trudgill S. 2007. Classics in physical geography revisited, Tansley, A.G. 1935: The use and abuse of vegetational concepts and terms. Ecology 16: 284-307.]

56. Tansley AG. 1936. Prof. Frank Cavers. Nature 137: 1022.

57. Tansley AG. 1939. British ecology during the past quarter-century: The plant community and the ecosystem. Journal of Ecology 27: 513–530.

58. Tansley AG. 1939. Obituary: Carl Schröter, 1855–1939. Journal of Ecology 27: 531–534.

59. Tansley AG. 1939. Arthur Harry Church. 1865–1937. Obituary Notices of Fellows of the Royal Society 2: 433–443.

60. Tansley AG. 1939. The British Islands and their vegetation. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press. [Reprinted in 1949 with corrections]

61. Tansley AG. 1940. Obituary: Henry Chandler Cowles, 1869–1939. Journal of Ecology 28: 450–452.

62. Tansley AG. 1940. Natural and semi-natural British woodlands. Forestry 14: 1–21.

63. Tansley AG. 1942. The values of science to humanity. Nature 150: 104–110. [Text of the Herbert Spencer Lecture: mainly psychology and philosophy]

64. Godwin H, Tansley AG. 1942. The vegetation of Wicken Fen. [Offprint No. 37 from an unidentified periodical. In stock at the Bodleian Library, Oxford University].

65. Tansley AG. 1943. Nature reserves. The Spectator, 519-520.

66. Tansley AG. 1945. Our heritage of wild nature: a plea for organized nature conservation. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press.

67. Tansley AG. 1946. Introduction to plant ecology. London, UK: Allen and Unwin. [Revision of Practical plant ecology, 1923]

68. Tansley AG. 1946. Discussion of fundamental research in relation to the community. Advancement of Science 3: 294–295.

69. Baker JR, Tansley AG. 1946. The course of the controversy on freedom in science. Nature 158: 574–576.

70. Tansley AG, Price Evans E. 1946. Plant ecology and the school. London, UK: Allen & Unwin.

71. Tansley AG. 1947. Obituary Notice. Frederick Edward Clements, 1874–1945. Journal of Ecology 34: 194–196.

72. Tansley AG. 1947. The early history of modern plant ecology in Britain. Journal of Ecology 35: 130–137.

73. Tansley AG. 1949. Britain’s green mantle: past, present, and future. London, UK: Allen and Unwin. [Revised by M. C. F. Proctor, 1968]

74. Tansley AG. 1951. What is ecology? Council for the Promotion of Field Studies. [Reprinted (1987) in the Biological Journal of the Linnean Society.]

75. Tansley AG. 1952. Oaks and oak woods. London, UK: Methuen. [For students at field study centres.]

76. Tansley AG. 1954. Some reminiscences. Vegetatio 5–6: vii–viii.


In addition, see reference 102 (below).
Book reviews are included where Tansley’s review added significantly to the subject.
As Editor of New Phytologist, Tansley also wrote anonymous contributions, reviewing local meetings or dealing with subjects as diverse as ‘The opening of the new botanical school at Cambridge’ (3: 61–63) and ‘The National Union of Scientific Workers’ (17: 1–2).
Tansley may have been short of copy for Volume 1 of New Phytologist for pages 121-124 contain a letter ‘To the Editor of the “New Phytologist” on ‘”Reduction” in descent’. The letter is signed by AG Tansley, University College, June 1902.


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