Plants, People, Planet

How can plant science solve the global challenges of the 21st century?

Plants, People, Planet, a new journal from the New Phytologist Trust, seeks to address this question.


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Connecting people with plants

Plants, People, Planet focuses on the interface between plant science and society. Its vision is to promote and celebrate outstanding plant-based research in its broadest sense.

Strategic objectives

  1. Put all research published in the journal firmly in the context of its wider relevance to people, society and the planet
  2. Publish interdisciplinary and non-mainstream plant sciences research with societal impact, e.g. social sciences, humanities, medical sciences, engineering
  3. Publish papers in new and emerging fields of plant sciences with immediate or potential societal impact
  4. Become a forum for highlighting and discussing new, exciting, innovative and unusual plant sciences
  5. Capture the interest and the imagination of the public and the young and inspire the next generation of plant scientists


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Six themes:

  1. Plants and society
  2. Plant conservation
  3. Plant genomics applications
  4. Plant diversity
  5. Plants and global change
  6. Plant natural assets

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