The New Phytologist Trust reinvests excess revenue from the publication of New Phytologist in events that support emerging and developing areas in plant science.

We organise three types of event: 


New Phytologist Symposia

Since 1995, the internationally renowned series of New Phytologist Symposia have aimed to support emerging and key areas of research. Usually these meetings would be expected to extend over one to three days, with invited speakers and a maximum of 120 delegates. In this way we hope to provide an informal atmosphere for the stimulation and exchange of ideas and the building of collaborations.

Apply for Symposium funding

The next deadline for New Phytologist Symposium proposals is 28 February 2019. Download the Symposium proposal pro forma.


37th New Phytologist Symposium, Beijing, China

Delegates at the 37th New Phytologist Symposium: Plant developmental evolution, Beijing, China.


New Phytologist Workshops

New Phytologist Workshops aim to facilitate advances in plant science by bringing together a small number of scientists who wish to focus and brainstorm a particular topic or issue. The format is intentionally flexible to suit a range of projects, but this might, for example, include a working group that intends to focus on analysing new data or indeed analysing old data in the light of new techniques and planning the way forward.

Apply for Workshop funding

New Phytologist Workshop proposals are welcomed throughout the year. Download the Workshop proposal pro forma.


New Phytologist next generation scientists

New Phytologist next generation scientists is a new series of events aimed at early career researchers, to provide the next generation of plant scientists a chance to share their work with their peers and outstanding international scientists in a stimulating, supportive and exciting environment. These events are co-funded by Wiley and the New Phytologist Trust and are free to attend.