Interaction networks and trait evolution

Field trip 


Those who have registered to attend the field trip have three different options for activities:

1.       A guided hike around the Gumen region in the Alps with an expert in the Alpine flora. We will assemble at Zürich HB (Zürich main station) at 7:10. The train to Braunwald will leave Zürich just after 7:30. We will then take a cable car up to Gumen and start the hike from there. Different groups will be taking routes between 3 and 6 hours long. Trains back to Zürich run every hour from Braunwald. You will need to bring hiking boots that cover your ankle, a raincoat, water, snacks and a packed lunch. It is also advisable to bring an extra layer, such as a fleece, as it may be colder in the mountains than in Zürich. This hike covers rough terrain and alpine tracks, and given the nature of the terrain this hike will be physically challenging. We recommend only those with previous hiking experience participate in this activity. 

2.       A guided panoramic walk from Gumen to Braunwald.  We will take the train from Zurich to Braunwald as described above and then take the cable car up to Gumen. We will then take a roughly two hour guided walk back to Braunwald via Grotzenbühl. This will be an easier hike suitable for less experienced hikers. While this walk is easier it is still on a rough track not suitable for all mobility levels. There will also be the option of taking a cable car back to Braunwald from Grotzenbühl. You will need hiking boots, a raincoat, fleece or similar, water and a packed lunch.

3.       A guided tour around Zürich botanical gardens from the scientific curator and the head gardener followed by lunch in the gardens. The tour will start at 9.30 in the gardens.



The view of the mountains from Gumen. © André Huser


If you have any questions regarding the trip please contact us.