Trait covariation: Structural and functional relationships in plant ecology

39th New Phytologist Symposium logo (click to enlarge)Exeter, UK

27 – 29 June 2017


We would like to thank all of our speakers and delegates for making the 39th New Phytologist Symposium a great success!







Delegates at the 39th New Phytologist Symposium. Click to enlarge.


Meeting report

Read the Meeting report: Walker, A. P., McCormack, M. L., Messier, J., Myers-Smith, I. H. and Wullschleger, S. D. (2017) Trait covariance: the functional warp of plant diversity? New Phytologist 216: 976–980. doi: 10.1111/nph.14853


Poster prize

Teresa Rosas was the winner of the poster prize with her poster, 'Whole-plant hydraulics are decoupled from the leaf economics spectrum' [pdf, 1 MB]. Read Teresa's abstract [pdf, 300 KB]. Congratulations Teresa!



The runner up was Demetrius Martins with his poster 'Wood and leaf chemical traits associations are mostly mediated by species effects' [pdf, 1 MB]. Read Demetrius' abstract [pdf, 300 KB]. Congratulations Demetrius!



Abstract book

Click here to download the 39th NPS abstract book.



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