29th New Phytologist Symposium

Download the 29th NPS abstract book.


Thanks to all of our organisers, speakers and delegates who helped to make the 29th NPS such a great success. We will continue to update the site with related information.

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A meeting report on the 29th NPS by Roelfsema and Kollist entitled ‘Tiny pores with a global impact’ is published in 197:1.


Poster prize winner

Poster prize winner

Scott McAdam, University of Tasmania, Australia for his poster entitled ‘Not all stomata are the same’. P36 in the abstract book.

Runner-ups: Deirdre McLachlan, University of Bristol, UK (P38 in the abstract book)and Florent Pantin, INRA, Montpellier, France (P44 in the abstract book)

Symposium Scope

Research on stomata is centred on two scales, the leaf and the world.  At the leaf scale research is concerned with the mechanisms that control the development and operation of stomata, while at the global scale something like 1023 to 1024 stomata exert major controls on the earth’s carbon and water cycles.  Substantial advances in the understanding of stomatal development and function have occurred since the last stomatal meeting held in the USA in 2006, while recently we have begun to understand the impacts of stomata on plant evolution and how evolution has influenced stomatal form and function.


The 29th New Phytologist Symposium aims to bring together stomatal researchers from the two major scales of study in order to learn of new developments in understanding while aiming to investigate the benefits of intellectual crossovers in developing the field of stomatal research.