Colonization of the terrestrial environment

25th New Phytologist Symposium

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25th New Phytologist Symposium meeting report: Plants and the Earth system – past events and future challenges by Coates, Moody and Saidi.

Thank you to all organisers, speakers, and delegates who helped to make the 25th NPS a great success. We will continue to update the site with related information.

Deputy Managing Editor, New Phytologist

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Poster Prize Winners

First prize: 
John Clarke, University of Bristol, UK (Download poster)

Jenny Morris, Cardiff University, Wales, UK (Download poster)

Symposium scope

The colonization of the terrestrial environment is one of the most significant processes in the evolution of our planet. Yet there are still many unanswered questions relating to these events. The objectives of this New Phytologist andColston Research Society Symposium devoted to a discussion of the ‘Colonization of the terrestrial environment’ are twofold. Firstly, we want to bring together cutting edge plant scientists, geochemists and palaeontologists to discuss the most recent advances in this area. This will lead naturally towards our second objective, which is to set the scientific agenda in this area for the next five years.

Our understanding of the early physical environment has advanced greatly in recent years and to reflect this there will be a significant representation from the geological community at the meeting. From the plant science perspective it is the availability of genome sequence information that is likely to make a major impact on the field and as such include presentations currently using these data to bring us insights how plants were able to successfully colonise dry land.