Networks in Plant Biology

15th New Phytologist Symposium


Scale and Scalability, a meeting report on the 15th New Phytologist Networks in Plant Biology Symposium 
by Christopher Surridge

Programme, abstracts and participants book [PDF]



A major objective in contemporary plant biology is to understand how biological systems (including single cells, organs, whole organisms and communities) function as operational units and display properties that are greater than the sum of their individual constituent components. The emerging discipline of systems biology uses mathematical and statistical analyses of the large data sets generated from post-genomic investigations or field based studies to address these and related questions. Several common themes appear to be emerging from these investigations one of which is that a network based topology appears to underlie the operation of many biological systems. The objective of this meeting is to focus on networks in plant biology. To do this we shall bring together plant scientists whose interests range from community to cell based studies and mathematicians/ statisticians with interests in network theory.


Symposium format

The symposium will take place over two days at the Linnean Society of London, Burlington House, Piccadilly, UK. Eleven invited talks will form the basis of discussion at what will be a relatively small meeting (up to 75 participants) which we hope will provide an ideal and informal atmosphere for the stimulation and exchange of ideas and the building of collaborations.


Town meeting on the future of plant systems biology

Community consultation on systems biology

Following the 15th New Phytologist Symposium there will be a Town Meeting on the future of plant systems biology - all participants are welcome to attend. The BBSRC Integrative and Systems Biology (ISB) Strategy Panel has asked the advisory committee of GARNet (Genomics Arabidopsis Network) to report on the potential for conducting systems
biology projects jointly among multiple groups in theArabidopsis research community. GARNet wishes to consult as widely as possible on this issue before reporting back in full to the BBSRC and invites you to give us your views and comments. So come along to the Linnaean Society
and contribute to this important debate. More details will follow.



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