New directions in plant ecological development

14th New Phytologist Symposium

Unravelling phenotypic plasticity - why should we bother? by Anthony D. Bradshaw 

Mind the gap: the emerging synthesis of plant 'eco-devo', a meeting report on the 14th New Phytologist Symposium by David Ackerly and Sonia Sultan

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Keynote Speaker

Prof Anthony D Bradshaw
Liverpool University, UK


Plant ecological development (‘eco-devo’) addresses how plants develop in their ‘real-world’ contexts in response to naturally occurring environmental variation - how development processes are affected at the mechanistic level, how phenotypic expression varies in alternative conditions, and the consequences of these responses for ecological and evolutionary processes in natural populations. Given the breadth of issues this research area covers it is not surprising that ‘eco-devo’ is emerging into a major inter-disciplinary field. The 14th New Phytologist Symposium aims to support and advance this exciting area by bringing together researchers addressing the cellular and molecular mechanisms of environmental response and those working at the level of populations, communities, and ecosystems, with the shared goal of understanding phenotypic expression in its ecological context.


Symposium format

The meeting will take place at the Royal Society of London, over two days. Twelve invited talks will form the basis of discussion at what will be a relatively small meeting (up to 80 participants). Following each 30-minute talk there will be a 15-minute period for discussion rather than the usual brief question time. In this way, and through longer breakout discussion sessions, we hope to provide a lively forum for exchanging ideas and discussing new approaches. These breakout groups will address the themes of; (i) Genetic mechanisms and molecular tools, (ii) Eco-Devo and community/ecosystem processes, and (iii) Environmental heterogeneity and plant development. A selected group of posters will also be presented in an informal evening session.



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