Virtual Special Issue to mark the 200th Volume of New Phytologist

Last updated: 28 Aug, 2013

To mark the publication of the 200th volume of New Phytologist, Editor-in-Chief Alistair Hetherington has invited two of his predecessors, Peter Ayres and Ian Woodward, to personally select articles that they deem to be significant from the journal’s archive. The selected papers have been grouped together to form this Virtual Special Issue (VSI). A special Editorial has been written to accompany the collection, which places these papers in an historical, and where possible, a contemporary context.
Photo of Volumes 1 – 8 of The New PhytologistPhoto of early volumes of New Phytologist

Early volumes of The New Phytologist.

Selecting a small number of articles for inclusion in this VSI was no easy task, and a diverse group of papers with a publication span from 1904 to 2010 is presented in this collection. The articles selected by Professors Ayres and Woodward have not been chosen to cover the entire scope of the journal, but nonetheless, they typify the enduring nature of the research published in New Phytologist over 200 volumes, and illustrate how papers published in some cases over 100 years ago are as relevant today as they were upon first publication. This collection is a reflection upon a rich and illustrious history, however, the focus of New Phytologist is firmly on the future. The journal continues to publish the very best in ground-breaking science and is leading the way in technological advancements in publishing, becoming a fully online-only journal in 2012. In addition, the New Phytologist Trust is committed to supporting and nurturing the next generation of plant scientists.

 Inside front cover of Volume 1 of New Phytologist including bookplateinside front cover of volume 1 of New Phytologist
Inside pages of the first volume of The New Phytologist.

All of the papers included in this VSI are freely available without subscription. The New Phytologist Trust ensures that all New Phytologist content is free to view one year after publication and that all Tansley reviews and Forum articles are free to access as soon as they are published. We hope that this collection will inspire readers to explore the journal’s archive as well as our current content, where they will find seminal research works alongside an unparalleled collection of authoritative review articles, letters and commentary.



Cover of volume 1 New PhytologistCover of 138:1 of New PhytologistCover of 149:1 of New PhytologistCover of 153:1 of New PhytologistCover of 166:1 of New PhytologistCover of 199:4 of New PhytologistCover of  200:1 of New Phytologist
A selection of covers from volume 1 (far left) to volume 200 (far right), the ‘cover of covers’ to celebrate the publication of the 200th volume of New Phytologist in October 2013.

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 Front cover of Virtual Special Issue to mark the 200th volume of New Phytologist