Stella Cesari: 2017 New Phytologist Tansley Medal winner

Last updated: 13 Jun, 2018

Issue 219:1 of New Phytologist features the work of the 2017 Tansley Medal winner Stella Cesari and her fellow finalists. The New Phytologist Tansley Medal is awarded each year to an early career scientist (or scientists) in recognition of their contribution to research in plant science. It is always a great pleasure to work on the issue that features the Tansley Medal insights, and promoting the winner and finalists is the highlight of our year.



Stella’s Tansley insight is titled ‘Multiple strategies for pathogen perception by plant immune receptors’ and it can be found in issue 219:1 of New Phytologist alongside an Editorial highlighting Stella’s work, and that of her fellow finalists. Find out more about the other finalists' work on the New Phyt blog.


Sarah Lennon
Executive Editor
New Phytologist