How to publish in New Phytologist with Editor-in-Chief Alistair Hetherington

Last updated: 17 Mar, 2017

In two short videos, New Phytologist Editor-in-Chief Prof Alistair Hetherington provides a step by step guide for early career researchers, intending to publish their work in New Phytologist.



Alistair talks through the process of working out whether research is within the scope of the journal, deciding the author list, and submitting a presubmission enquiry.


In part two, Alistair explains the submission process, including what should be included in the covering letter. He then describes the peer review process at New Phytologist and what to do after you’ve received a decision on your manuscript.



The audio from the videos is available to download from our Soundcloud page.

Read the full post and the transcript from the videos on the New Phyt blog.


Mike Whitfield
Development Coordinator
New Phytologist