Tansley Medal Past Winners


Winner: Etienne Laliberté - Below-ground frontiers in trait-based plant ecology

Read the Editorial by Sarah Lennon and Liam Dolan.

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Winner: Alexander Jones - A new look at stress: abscisic acid patterns and dynamics at high-resolution

Read the Editorial by Sarah Lennon and Liam Dolan.



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Winner: William Anderegg: Spatial and temporal variation in plant hydraulic traits and their relevance for climate change impacts on vegetation

Read the Editorial by Sarah Lennon and Liam Dolan.



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Stuart Campbell: Ecological mechanisms for the coevolution of mating systems and defence

Pieter De Frenne: Innovative empirical approaches for inferring climate-warming impacts on plants in remote areas

Jesse Hollister: Polyploidy: adaptation to the genomic environment

Masayoshi Nakamura: Microtubule nucleating and severing enzymes for modifying microtubule array organization and cell morphogenesis in response to environmental cues

Diane Saunders: Hitchhiker’s guide to multi-dimensional plant pathology

Daniel Sloan: Using plants to elucidate the mechanisms of cytonuclear co-evolution



Joint winners:


Li-Qing Chen, 2013 Tansley Medal WinnerJing-Ke Weng, 2013 Tansley Medal Winner Li-Qing Chen: SWEET sugar transporters for phloem transport and pathogen nutrition

Jing-Ke Weng: The evolutionary paths towards complexity: a metabolic perspective

Read the Editorial by Liam Dolan.

Read the interview with Li-Qing Chen.

Read the interview with Jing-Ke Weng.




Runners up:

Jacquelyn Gill: Ecological impacts of the Later Quaternary megaherbivore extinctions

Elizabeth Wolkovich: Progress towards an interdisciplinary science of plant phenology: building predictions across space, time and species diversity



Winner: Robin Hopkins: Reinforcement in plants. Robin Hopkins, 2012 Tansley Medal Winner

Read the Editorial by Liam Dolan.

Read the interview with Robin Hopkins.


Runner up:

Erik Verbruggen, Mycorrhizal fungal establishment in agricultural soils: factors determining inoculation success.




Neil Dalchau - 2011 Tansley Medal winnerWinner: Neil Dalchau: Understanding biological timing using mechanistic and black-box models.

Read the Editorial by Liam Dolan


Runners up:

Ive De Smet, Lateral Root Initiation: growing a new meristem goes through asymmetric cell division infancy

Charles Price, The structure, scaling and functional impacts of complex leaf venation networks

Shiv Kale, Oomycete and fungal effector entry, a modern Trojan horse

Simon Conn,  Exploiting natural variation to uncover candidate genes that control element accumulation in Arabidopsis thaliana



Winner: Frederic Lens: Testing hypotheses that link wood anatomy to cavitation resistance and hydraulic conductivity in the genusAcer

Read the Editorial by Ian Woodward and Alistair Hetherington.


Runners up:

Francesco Licausi, Regulation of the molecular response to oxygen limitations in plants

Younousse Saidi, Heat perception and signalling in plants: a tortuous path to thermotolerance

Wei Ma, Ca2+ conduction by plant cyclic nucleotide gated channels and associated signalling components in pathogen defense signal transduction cascades

Eleanor Gilroy, CMPG1-dependent cell death follows perception of diverse pathogen elicitors at the host plasma membrane and is suppressed by Phytophthora infestans RXLR effector AVR3a

Nicole Hughes, Winter leaf reddening in ‘evergreen’ species



Winner: Steven Spoel: Post-translational protein modification as a tool for transcription reprogramming

Read the Editorial by Ian Woodward and Alistair Hetherington.


Runners up:

Ward Capoen, Sesbania rostrata: a case study of natural variation in legume nodulation

Colleen Iversen, Digging deeper: fine-root responses to rising atmospheric CO2concentration in forested ecosystems

Katherine McCulloh, Moving water well: comparing hydraulic efficiency in twigs and trunks of coniferous, ring-porous, and diffuse-porous saplings from temperate and tropical forests

Rebecca Mosher, Maternal control of Pol IV-dependent siRNAs in  Arabidopsis endosperm

Nicolas Rouhier, Plant glutaredoxins: pivotal players in redox biology and iron­–sulphur center assembly