Ecological and evolutionary consequences of plant–fungal invasions

Grant Submission

Grant application submission deadline: Thursday 19th March 2020. You are encouraged to register before this date (to reserve a place at the symposium) and then submit your grant application before the deadline.  


We have a number of grants available for individuals in the early stages of their career (student and post-doctoral researchers with up to five years’ experience since gaining/defending their PhD, excluding career breaks).  If you wish to apply for a grant please complete the travel grant application form below. You will need to accompany this with your poster abstract, a supporting statement from a scientist who has agreed to act as a referee for your application (usually your supervisor – please include their contact details) and a brief (no more than 200 word) statement indicating your position (student/postdoc/early career researcher), reasons for wishing to attend, how you hope the meeting will enhance your career/research, publication history, presentations given, awards and any other information to support your application.


Decisions will be communicated by Thursday 2nd April.


In order to apply for a grant you will require a registration code, which can be obtained by filling in the registration form. An email will be sent to you quoting the registration code. You do not have to pay the fee to receive a registration code.


If you intend to apply for a grant please do not pay the registration fee at this stage, because if you are awarded a grant the fee will be waived.



Note you must register before you can submit a grant application, however payment of registration fees can be done at a later stage should this be necessary.

Please indicate the exact level of financial assistance (full or partial) that you would require in order to attend the meeting.

Note if you are awarded a grant this will include a free registration at the meeting; thus, it is not necessary to include this in your financial breakdown. The breakdown should include travel costs plus accommodation and expenses that you expect to incur. In general, the organising committee intends to meet the needs of those who will be able to contribute to the meeting in the most able/effective manner, while maximising the number of potential delegates. We therefore cannot guarantee full funding, but hope to be able to make a substantial contribution.

Please upload your travel grant application files below

Maximum file upload size is 8MB.

Poster Abstract should be either doc, docx, or rtf format.

Personal Statement & Reference Letter should be either doc, docx, pdf, or rtf format.