The New Phytologist Trust is an independent charity, a non-profit-making organization much like a scientific society, which is dedicated to the promotion of plant science. New Phytologist is an international, online-only journal which publishes original research on all aspects of plant science in a lively format including expert comment, correspondence and timely reviews. The Trust ensures that any excess revenue from the journal is put straight back into the subject.

Why support New Phytologist?

We are well aware of the wealth of opportunities available for improving the communication of science that the internet, in particular, has put before us at this time, and of the changing nature of the market. We have responded, and continue to respond, to the opportunities. In recent years we have unquestionably been able to deliver year on year improvements in the service we offer through New Phytologist. We also see many improvements among competing journals, and competing information providers. There is a rich diversity of stakeholders in science communication, and a highly competitive environment. We invite you to support New Phytologist, but also to question our practices if you believe that we could be doing better.

On what basis is the relationship with the publisher of New Phytologist, Blackwell Publishing, founded?

The Trust has contracted Blackwells to publish the journal and is, in the view of the journal Trustees, a responsible publisher. Their business is intimately connected with that of some 500 scientific societies, and the success of those societies is central to the success of Wiley-Blackwell publishing. The Trust took the journal to Blackwell Science, starting in January 2001, after very careful consideration of the operations of a number of publishers. Nevertheless, the Trust retains full independence, and can take the journal elsewhere should that be necessary.

What does the charitable remit of the Trust mean in practice?

New Phytologist is dedicated to the promotion of plant science, facilitating projects from symposia and scientific prizes to open access for our Tansley reviews.


Who was Sir Arthur Tansley?

Please visit our section on Sir Arthur Tansley for information on Tansley's life, work and publications.