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The New Phytologist Tansley Medal is awarded annually in recognition of an outstanding contribution to research in plant science by an individual in the early stages of their career (including students and any researcher with up to five years’ experience since gaining/defending their PhD). The winner will receive a prize of £2000 (GBP) and will author a short review that will be published in New Phytologist, accompanied by a comment from the Editor-in-Chief and Tansley reviews Editor.


We are now accepting applications for the 2015 Tansley Medal. First round submission deadline is 1 December 2014.


Please read the selection procedure and rules carefully before submitting your application. Full details can be found on the linked pages.


Good luck, I look forward to receiving your submissions.


Sarah Lennon
Managing Editor, New Phytologist




First round submission deadline (CV, a personal statement and reference) is Monday 1st December 2014.


Publicity materials

Please feel free to download, use, print, and/or distribute the 2015 Tansley Medal publicity materials:

2015 Tansley Medal A3 poster

2015 Tansley Medal A5 flyer

Tansley Medal postcard

If you would like us to send you printed versions please contact us at np-centraloffice@lancaster.ac.uk.


2013 Tansley Medal


The joint winners of the 2013 Tansley Medal for Excellence in Plant Science are Dr Li-Qing Chen of the Carnegie Institution for Science, USA whose Minireview is titled ‘SWEET sugar carriers for phloem transport and pathogen nutrition’, and Dr Jing-Ke Weng of the Whitehead Institute, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA, whose Minireview is titled: ‘The evolutionary paths towards complexity: a metabolic perspective’.


We conducted short interviews with the 2013 winners, to find out a bit more about them:

Read the interview with Li-Qing Chen.

Read the interview with Jing-Ke Weng.


The winners’ Minireviews were published in Volume 201 Issue 4. Click here to read the accompanying editorial by Professor Liam Dolan, Section and Tansley review Editor, New Phytologist.


Note: 2014 Tansley Medal competition articles are still under review. The winner will be announced by the end of 2014.