Synthetic Biology

Post Meeting Updates

Thanks to all of our organisers, speakers and delegates who helped to make the 4th NPW such a great success. Videos of the presentation are available to watch online now and we will continue to update the site with related information. We will also continue to Tweet about updates, so visit us on Twitter (#4NPW) for all the latest news.

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Videos of the talks can be found in the playlist below and on our YouTube YouTube channel.



On behalf of the New Phytologist Trust and workshop organisers (Anne Osbourn and Keith Lindsey), I am pleased to announce that we are holding the 4th New Phytologist Workshop (#4NPW) focusing on Synthetic Biology in June at the University of Bristol, UK.


The overall goal for the workshop is to bring together scientists working in the highly interdisciplinary field of synthetic biology to present cutting-edge research aligned with three key themes – ‘Engineering principles and approaches in synthetic biology’, ‘Synthetic biology in microbes’ and ‘Synthetic biology in plants’. Ample time has been set aside for discussion following each presentation, and also in a final discussion and summary session at the end. The third theme of the workshop brings plants to the fore in a synthetic biology context.


Workshop format

The workshop will take place over two-days and will be held in the NSQI building at the University of Bristol, UK. Each speaker will give a 30-minute presentation on their work; this will then be followed by 15-minutes for questions and discussion. Each presentation will be recorded and will be available on YouTube after the close of the meeting to help highlight this exciting field.

For more information please contact Helen Pinfield-Wells in the New Phytologist Central office