Plant proteostasis: controlling protein stability for sustainable agriculture

18–19 July 2018

Organising committee

  • Professor Michael Holdsworth, University of Nottingham, UK
  • Professor Ari Sadanandom, University of Durham, UK
  • Dr. Maria Lois, CRAG, Spain
  • Dr. Pascal Genschik, CNRS, Strasbourg, France



University of Durham, UK





The goals of the workshop are to reinforce the on-going development of a community in this important and relatively young scientific area and to focus discussion and therefore future efforts towards developing the area of plant proteostasis for sustainable agriculture.  


The Workshop will provide a unique opportunity for leading researchers in the field of plant proteostasis to meet to present their latest unpublished research. We hope to provide an opportunity for detailed discussion that will allow a synthesis of current and future avenues for better understanding the role of plant proteostasis, in efforts to achieve sustainable plant-based agriculture. The workshop also aims to develop new possibilities for collaboration and exchange of ideas, materials and researchers.