The emerging science of linked plant–fungal invasions: mycorrhizas, pathogens, and soil feedbacks

17th New Phytologist Workshop

16 – 20 May 2016, Lincoln University and Akaroa Harbour, New Zealand




To find emergent and integrating themes across three closely related fields (mycorrhizal-ecology, plant-pathology, and plant-soil feedbacks) within the context of invasion ecology, to highlight these emergent trends, and to provide a seminal review paper on the topic that guides future research.


Rational and scope


Plant–fungal (including oomycete) interactions are increasingly recognized as major drivers of invasion processes. This includes invasions of plant pathogens, co-invasion of fungal mutualists, and enemy release following plant invasion, as well as interactions between native and non-native fungi. However, there have been remarkably few efforts to integrate across the disciplines of mycorrhizal ecology, plant pathology, and plant-soil feedbacks. Further, many studies have tended to focus on case studies of single invasions or regions, rather than taking an international or theory-based approach. To understand the links between plants and fungi in their invasion process and impacts, a comprehensive approach, studying all type of interactions and groups involved, is clearly needed. This workshop will bring together researchers from across disciplines to attempt an integrated understanding of how the links between plants and fungi drive invasions.


Organising Committee


Ian Dickie, Gwen Grelet, Angela Wakelin (Lincoln University, New Zealand)




Note that participation in this workshop is by invitation only. For more information please contact us by email: