Synthetic Biology

Synthetic biology of antibiotic production

Eriko Takano

University of Groningen, the Netherlands

Research interests

Synthetic biology of antibiotic production

Novel antibiotic discovery by post genomics

Gamma butyrolactone signalling system in Streptomyces coelicolor

Noncoding RNA in Streptomyces

Metabolomic analysis in Streptomyces

Metabolite modelling and bioinformatics

University of Groningen


Speaker abstract

Streptomyces bacteria are well known for their ability to produce an immense diversity of secondary metabolites, including many antibiotics. The underlying biosynthetic machinery is a particularly interesting target for synthetic biology, due to its inherent modularity at multiple levels1,2. A treasure trove of antibiotic biosynthesis gene clusters has been identified by genome sequencing, typically 20–50 per genome3,4. We can use synthetic biology to re-engineer the bacterial genomes to awaken this multitude of cryptic antibiotic clusters. We have already demonstrated the potential of this strategy by awakening the cryptic/orphan CPK gene cluster5, which produces a novel antibacterial compound. Generalizing this approach using standardized molecular modules will become a central tool for discovering new bioactive compounds, ranging from anti-cancer drugs to antibiotics6.


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