Synthetic Biology

Science outreach and synthetic biology

Jenni Rant

John Innes Centre, UK

Website: SAW Trust



Speaker abstract

Engagement activities provide a crucial link between scientists and society where dialogue can be shared to promote understanding, relevance and trust in research. The SAW Trust is a science engagement initiative that draws on intriguing scientific images to underpin scientific investigation, coupled with exploration of scientific themes through art and creative writing. This union of practical science, art and writing (SAW) around a central scientific focus provides an innovative cross-disciplinary approach to science engagement that is accessible to all, young and old. The SAW Trust has worked with many scientists, supporting them in the design of outreach projects on topics as diverse as soil bacteria, photosynthesis, pathogens, natural products, diabetes, fractals, DNA, genetic modification, emulsions and the human gut. This presentation will give an illustration of how SAW can be used to explore potentially controversial science topics such as synthetic biology.

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