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The meeting will be held at the Fragrant Hill Empark Hotel.

No. 59 North Zhenghuangqi

Xiangshan, Haidian




Getting to the Fragrant Hill Empark Hotel

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Route from Beijing Capital Airport to the hotel

Route from Beijing Capital Airport to Frangrant Hill Empark Hotel

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When arriving at Beijing capital airport and checking out from customs, delegates can go to the Taxi pickup station following the airport signage, and then wait for the taxi. The appearance of the regular operating taxi is shown below.



When you get in the taxi, please tell the driver your destination: Fragrant Hill Empark Hotel, Xiangshan, Haidian district. Ask the driver to head for the hotel according to the first map: 1) go to the 5th Circular Highway, 2) drive to the west along the 5th Circular Highway, 3) bear off the highway from the exit of Xiang Quan Huan Dao.


Drive onto the Xiangshan Road, and arrive at the hotel following the second map.


The distance between the airport and the hotel is about 40 km and may take 40-50 min, the charge is about RMB 150-180, depending on the traffic. You can just pay the charge displayed on the taximeter - tipping the driver is not necessary.


Route from the railway stations to the hotel

When arriving at the Beijing West Railway station, Beijing South Railway station or Beijing Railway station, delegates can go to the Taxi pickup station following the station signage, then take a taxi to the hotel.


Delegates can also go to the subway station, take the subway and get off at Xi Yuan station or North Gate of the Summer Palace station. Then transfer to bus No. 331 or No. 563, get off at Xiang Shan station, and walk 200 m to the hotel.