Stomata 2020

Local attractions


Kaifeng is a city with a rich history, a wide range of attractions to visit and different parts of the city to see. Here is a list of some of the main attractions in Kaifeng. 


Daxiangguo temple


Daxiangguo temple is a famous Chinese Buddhist temple with multiple ornately decorated halls and statues.


The entrance to the Daxiangguo temple. © Aaron Zhu


Iron Pagoda Park


The Iron Pagoda was built in 1046 during the Northern Song Dynasty and is intricately decorated with Buddhist and mythical images. It is situated in a large park next to Henan University with a range of botanical elements to look at. 


The Iron Pagoda against the skyline © Lukasz Grabowski


Kaifeng museum


The magnificent Kaifeng museum is home to tens of thousands of historical artifacts and a wide range of Chinese art, with a large volume of Song Dynasty artifacts and history. 


The entrance to Kaifeng museum © Alex Ostrovski


Millennium City Park


Millennium City Park is a grand historical garden which recreates the famous 'Riverside Scene' painting by Zang Zeduan, painted during the Song Dynasty. The architechture captured in the painting has been carefully reconstructed and there is a daily programme of performances by actors wearing traditional Chinese clothing from the time. 


Millennium City Park lit up at night © Myicbc


Dragon Pavillion


Dragon Pavillion is a reconstructed grand hall from the Qing dynasty built on a 13-meter high blue-brick terrace. It is set within a botanical garden containing two man-made lakes. 


The steps up to the Dragon Pavillion © caoyuan