Stomata 2020


Please check the visa application process and requirements with the Chinese embassy in your area. 


If you require a letter of invitation, the New Phytologist Trust, working together with our local organiser, will provide a letter of invitation upon request. To be eligible to request a letter of invitation, you must first register and pay to attend the 46th New Phytologist Symposium. Once you have registered, please contact and we will send you more information.



Your passport must be carried at all times during your stay in China. The police may carry out random checks, and you will need your passport for entering museums or buying train tickets. 


Your passport must be valid for at least six months after the expiry date of your visa (nine months for a double-entry visa) and you will need at least one entire blank page in your passport for the visa. It is recommended that you make a digital copy of your passport prior to travelling to China in case you lose it while traveling. If you lose your passport while in China, you must immediately report the loss to the nearest police station and obtain a police report of the loss. You will then need to inform the local Public Security Bureau (PSB).