Ecological and evolutionary consequences of plant–fungal invasions


The full programme will be available shortly. Registration will start at approximately 9.00 on Saturday 20 June, and the talks will finish at approximately 17.20 on Monday 22 June 2020. As part of the symposium, a field trip to Itirapina will be held on Tuesday 23 June. 


Sessions will include: 

  • Ecosystem functional consequences of plant–fungal co-invasions
  • Evolution and plant–fungal co-invasions 
  • Assembly, traits, and interactions in plant–fungal co-invasions
  • Deliberate fungal invasions - fungi as bioinoculants (I: Effects aboveground)

  • Deliberate fungal invasions - fungi as bioinoculants (II: Effects belowground)


The symposium will include a number of breakout sessions including: 

  • Career challenges and opportunities for young scientists studying plant-fungal invasions 
  • Muddling up 'baseline data': the impacts of unseen, invasive mutualists 
  • Synthesis of common themes in research results to date and priorities for future research 


There will be a symposium dinner on the evening of Saturday 20th and two poster sessions on the 20th and 21st.