Trait covariation: Structural and functional relationships in plant ecology


Watch all the talks recorded at the 39th New Phytologist Symposium below, or on our YouTube playlist.


Belinda Medlyn: Traits, from leaf to ecosystem – a perspective from an ecophysiological modeller


Colin Prentice: Leaf traits and environment – towards a compehensive theory


Jens Kattge: 10 years TRY – on-going developments, challenges and perspectives


Peter van Bodegom: Plant trais concepts for a next generation of global models


Michael Dietze: There and back again – a model-data assimilation tale


Isabelle Aubin: Collaborative science to investigate intraspecific trait variability


Monique Weemstra: Towards a multidimensional root trait framework – from correlation to integration


Etienne Laliberté: Tough leaves, weak roots? Trait trade-offs and covariation


Kirsten Thonicke: Plant trait diversity and ecological resilience in tropical forests


Ian Wright: Trait trade-offs and covariation – a brief overview


M. Luke McCormack: Linking roots to ecosystem processes


Anna Harper: Using trait-informed plant functional types in a dynamic global vegetation model


Rosie Fisher: Harder, better, faster, stronger? Trait representation in the Community Land Model 5.0


Peter Thornton: Prediction of plant traits and future climates in an Earth system model


Peter Reich: What can plant traits tell us about the function of ecosystems


Isla Myers-Smith: Biome-scale patterns in tundra plant traits and warming-induced change over time


Sandra Diaz: The global spectrum of plant form and function


Simon Scheiter: Projecting traits, communities, and functional diversity