Introducing Tansley insights – a new article type for New Phytologist

Last updated: 14 Jan, 2014

Tansley insights are short, timely focussed reviews that highlight recent developments within the plant sciences. The first Tansley insights were recently published online and are free to access on Early View.


The new article type was formally announced in an Editorial by Slater and Dolan (Introducing Tansley insights – short and timely, focussed reviews within the plant sciences), published in Vol. 205 Iss. 3 of New Phytologist. Look out for Tansley insights which will also be included in some forthcoming Special Issues and Features in 2015 including papers on Ecology and evolution of mycorrhiza and Evolutionary plant radiations.


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As of 14 January 2015 the following Tansley insights have been published on Early View and are all free to download and view:

-- (See also the press release on this paper: Turn back the molecular clock, say Argentina's plant fossils)


Tansley insights

Tansley insights are our newest addition to the Tansley brand. They are short (c. 2000 words, with up to 40 references and 4 figures) and timely focussed reviews that highlight recent developments or discoveries within the plant sciences. These articles focus on one specific area of a field, rather than providing a full literature review, and in this way will generally concentrate on reviewing the most recent (past two years) articles. In keeping with Tansley's philosophy, personal perspectives are encouraged, whilst maintaining a balanced outlook. Importantly, Tansley insights will be written in a clear and concise format that is accessible to our general readership. The New Phytologist Trust provides funding to ensure all Tansley insights are immediately available to access free of charge upon publication.


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Originally posted 17th December 2014. Updated 14th January 2015.