Plants, People, Planet Special Issue - call for papers!

Last updated: 6 Dec, 2019

Mycorrhizas for a changing world: sustainability, conservation and society

Mycorrhizal fungi are of huge significance for plants, people and the planet. The fruiting bodies of many mycorrhizal fungi have great culinary, medical, and sometimes religious significance; and by forming mutualistic partnerships with the vast majority of land plants, mycorrhizal fungi are essential in the formation and functioning of global ecosystems. Through their symbiotic function, mycorrhizas have great potential for future exploitation and management to facilitate a variety of sustainability programmes in agriculture, conservation and restoration, considerations that are particularly relevant during this time of global change and widespread depletion of natural resources.


This special issue of Plants, People, Planet will bring together an exciting body of creative new research, reviews, reports and opinion pieces exploring the relationships and significance of mycorrhizas in human society and development, and how they might contribute towards the global goals of food security, sustainability and well-being.


We welcome suggestions from the community by 29 February 2020 ( for potential articles covering all aspects of mycorrhizal research in the context of global change. In particular, we welcome articles within (but not limited to) the following broad themes:

  • Agriculture, horticulture and forestry
  • Conservation
  • Climate change
  • Cultural and societal significance
  • Ecosystem services
  • Restoration and remediation


With best wishes,

Katie Field, Tim Daniell, David Johnson and Thorunn Helgason


Guidelines for authors of special collection papers

Plants, People, Planet, published by the New Phytologist Trust, is a journal that aims to celebrate everything new, innovative and exciting in plant-based research that is relevant to society and people’s daily lives. This includes studies on the interactions between plants and other organisms, especially fungi.


Papers submitted for consideration in Plants, People, Planet will be subject to peer review and must meet the aims and scope of the journal. All articles must include an engaging 100-word Societal Impact Statement to illustrate why the work matters to people, society and the planet.


Submission procedure: Please submit your manuscript online.


Please refer to the full Author guidelines before submission, which contain information on article types and format, as well as details on how to compile the electronic version of your manuscript.


Submission date: 30 June 2020