Tropical plants and ecosystem function - new Feature issue!

Last updated: 20 Apr, 2017

In the latest Behind the Cover feature of our blog, we talk to Cecilia Chavana-Bryant, who spent two years undertaking fieldwork in the Amazon, and who contributed two articles to our latest Feature issue Tropical plants and ecosystem function. We also talk to documentary photographer Jake Bryant who captured the image. Cecilia tells us about her research, and we learn from Cecilia and Jake how images can help disseminate important research, such as that highlighted in this Feature issue, and beyond.

Tropical plants and ecosystem function was co-ordinated by Yadvinder Malhi of the University of Oxford and features seven papers that explore some of the latest advances in trait-based research in the context of Amazonian and Andean forests, over various scales from leaf traits and gas exchange, through to plot-level productivity and carbon dynamics to the assessment of key traits through hyperspectral remote sensing approaches. 

Sarah Lennon
Managing Editor, New Phytologist