New Phytologist Editors on tour at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, UK.

Last updated: 3 Jul, 2013

At the 2013 Editorial Meeting, New Phytologist Editors and Central Office staff embarked on a tour of the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, UK. Whilst navigating through the gardens and admiring the wonderful diversity of flora on display at Kew, the Editorial Board wandered into a yew grove of particular significance to New Phytologist.


Text reads: 'This grove of yew (Taxus baccata L.) donated by the New Phytologist Trust, commemorates the long connection with the yews of Kingley Vale (West Sussex), of the Trust’s founder, Sir Arthur Tansley FRS (1871–1955) botanist, father of ecology and pioneer of nature conservation, his campaigning led to the establishment in 1949 of the nature conservancy of which he was the first chairman.'


Read more about the story of Sir Arthur Tansley by clicking here.


Below are photos of the New Phytologist Editorial Board and Central Office team at the Sir Arthur Tansley commemorative plaque at Kew Gardens:


New Phytologist Editorial Team at the Sir Arthur Tansley commemorative plaque

New Phytologist Editorial Team at the Sir Arthur Tansley commemorative plaque

Top panel (from left): Owen Atkin (Editor), Anne Osbourn (Editor and Trustee), Marc-André Selosse (Editor), Hongzhi Kong (Editor), Ian Dickie (Editor), Lynda Delph (Editor), Nichola Hetherington (Central Office), Alistair Hetherington (Editor-in-Chief), Martin McAinsh (Co-Editor), Mark Rausher (Editor), Michael Panagopulos (Central Office), Rich Norby (Editor and Trustee), Richard Abbott (Editor).


Bottom panel (from left): Andre Kessler (Editor), Fiona Tooke (Central Office), Judy Allen (Central Office), Jill Brooke (Central Office), Sarah Lennon (Central Office), Sylvie Martin, Francis Martin (Editor), Keith Lindsey (Editor and Chair of the Trust), Howard Sidney Thomas (Trustee), Helen Ougham (Co-Editor), Ari Sadanandom (Advisor).