Selection Procedure


Selection is a two-stage process that is based on the scientific achievements of the candidate and a short review article intended for publication.

The subject areas considered must therefore conform to the aims and scope of the journal New Phytologist; falling within four broad sections – Physiology & Development, Environment, Interaction, and Evolution – articles cover topics that range from intracellular processes through to global environmental change.


First round ­­– Scientific achievements


Applicants should submit:


  • Their curriculum vitae, which should include their list of publications as an appendix.
  • A 200-word personal statement describing the applicant's scientific achievements to date and their reasons for applying.
  • A letter of recommendation/reference from a scientist who has agreed to support the application, usually the applicant's group leader.


Deadline for submissions for 2019: 1 November 2018


Second round – Author a Tansley insight short review


If you are selected to go forward to the second round, you will be notified after the submission deadline (1 November 2018) and asked to submit a single-authored short review, which should typically focus on the subject area to which your publications have contributed; care should be taken to ensure a balanced view is presented. These short reviews will be 2500 words max., and contain up to four display elements and 40 references. 

Manuscripts will be handled by a relevant New Phytologist subject Editor and sent for external peer review. All competition articles that are recommended for acceptance will be published in New Phytologist and the Tansley medal winner selected by the judges from these final papers.