Special Issue: Plant developmental evolution

Exploring plant evo-devo: a new special issue

New Phytologist 216:2 is a special issue. Plant developmental evolution draws together a selection of papers exploring the relatively young field of plant evo-devo, and is the result of the 37th New Phytologist Symposium – Plant developmental evolution, which was held in Beijing last year and attracted a wide array of researchers, many of whom have contributed to this special issue, along with other members of the field.

The papers in this special issue reveal how plant evo-devo is diversifying to encompass many of the most exciting areas of plant biology, from explosive seed dispersal to pollinator attraction, to a developmental model for leaf shapes and a study of the origins of the plant circadian clock.

Read the Editorial before exploring the latest evolution of plant evo-devo, the next 20 years of which promises to be just as exciting as the last.

Mike Whitfield (@mgwhitfield)
Development Coordinator
New Phytologist

This blog post is an edited excerpt from the Editorial that accompanies the special issue, by Elena M. Kramer, Hongzhi Kong, and Mark D. Rausher.

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