Keith Lindsey discusses hormone regulation of root growth

New Phytologist Editor Keith Lindsey was recently in conversation with GARNet’s Geraint Parry for the Arabidopsis Research Roundup. Keith was describing work that aims to dissect the complex hormonal regulation of root growth, in a paper by Rowe, et al., on which he is the corresponding author. The study investigates the hormonal network that regulates the response of Arabidopsis roots to osmotic stress.

Listen to Keith describe the study in the interview below (originally posted on the Arabidopsis Research Roundup, 24th February 2016):

Rowe JH, Topping JF, Liu J, Lindsey K (2016) Abscisic acid regulates root growth under osmotic stress conditions via an interacting hormonal network with cytokinin, ethylene and auxin. New Phytologist